How to make space AND cash in your attic

How to make space AND cash in your attic

I have been together with Mr. House Elf for well over 6 years now (and moved twice), and in that time we have moved 3 pieces of canvas and a bag of oils, paints and paintbrushes from one cellar to another. Granted, it’s not a tremendous amount and it’s not really something that should bother me that much, but it does. Using a cellar more like a ‘chuck-it-out-of-the-way’ area, is not really my idea of prudence. However, I know from experience that clearing out a cellar can be a daunting and intimidating task, particularly, if work, kids, and general exhaustion can hinder your progress. So, what is the best way to conquer this colossal task without waiting for another house move?

Children's Home Cellar

Here are our 5 simple steps to make clearing out your cellar/attic as smooth as possible:

Step 1:
Plan and take your time. Your cellar/attic isn’t going anywhere and getting in a flap about it, won’t help anything or anyone. The easier you take it, the better the whole experience will be.

Step 2:
If doing this on your own or together, talk through with your partner what they want to keep. I always find it best to separate your bits into three piles; keep, chuck, charity. Once you know exactly what is going, you can start planning where to put the remaining items. Alternatively (if you’re feeling very determined), you can always haul everything out into a cleared space and divide the bits up there. That way, putting everything back will be slightly easier. Just as an option.

Step 3:
So, now you know what is staying with you. Why not give the cellar/attic a little sweep? Will probably only take 5/10 minutes and will make a difference once it’s all over. Now my advice would always be to put things into some order. For instance, don’t put the good china next to the garden stuff or the luggage beside the empty boxes. Organise it all so that when you need to find a garden trowel, you can just head straight for the garden bits instead of getting lost in the debris.

Step 4:
Right, so you’ve kept what you want to keep, the cellar/attic’s been swept, everything’s in its right place; what do you do with the ‘chuck/charity’ pile? Charity and the local tip are the obvious choices, but have you thought about Ebay? That buggy you haven’t used in 6 months or the bike that’s been sat in retirement for a year, could fetch a few quid. It won’t make you a millionaire, but it’s still cash in your pocket. Dust it off, take a few good snaps and upload it. Sorted.

Step 5:
If you’d prefer to just get rid of your stuff, always call ahead to the charity shops and local tips ahead of time. You might plan to take your stuff to the charity shop down the road, but it would be sod’s law to get all the way down there for them to tell you “We only take baby stuff” (It’s happened to me before). If you are a resident of Wandsworth, the local tip require you to call up ahead of time and book a van in (cars don’t require this). Otherwise, you have to pay on departure to get rid of stuff. You can get refunded, but they have to take payment if you have not logged your vehicle in beforehand.

There you have it! 5 easy steps to clear the clutter and maybe make a few quid in the process without the need for Jennie Bond or Gloria Hunniford to come rooting around your attic. And, maybe, I can ‘accidentally’ lose those pieces of canvas for final time!

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Shameless Plug Alert!
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Happy Cellar, everybody!