London cleaners. Why you should pay more.

London cleaners. Why you should pay more.

Type ‘London Cleaner’ into Google. You’ll get 3 and a quarter million results.

Where do you possibly begin? Just stay on the first page and hope for the best or trawl through as many as you can stand? Trying to find someone in London that will consistently clean your property to an acceptable standard can be tricky. Many people simply go for a cleaner/cleaner company that offers the cheaper price.

But, is that always the best way to go?

Understandably, in these economic times, everyone is trying to watch the pennies and save some hard-earned cash, but is it a false economy to go with a cheaper cleaner/company that may cause problems throughout? I have lived in London for almost 7 years and have been lucky enough to have a cleaner for almost half of that time. We have paid varying prices for cleaners and sourced them from friend recommendations as well as agencies and I have always found one thing to be true; less isn’t always best.

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Problems you may encounter


I have asked this question myself when I’ve had cleaners through agencies and, as the owner of House Elf, I am always asked by clients who are looking for a cleaner themselves, “Do they speak English?” One of the wonderful things about this city is its inclusion and equal opportunities for workers whoever they may be, however, cleaners who only have a very basic grasp of the language is always going to be a issue. Whilst workers from abroad may charge less, communicating with them can be troublesome, particularly if you need to tell them to do something different from one week to the next. Also, from their perspective, if they can’t commit to a particular time each week because of other cleaning jobs across London, for example, having them try to explain themselves may be almost impossible and may lead to major frustration and disappointment on your behalf. If you’re paying more, then you should expect more.

Getting the most for your money

Your money should go as far as it possibly can when paying for any kind of service. If, for example, you run out of furniture polish or all-purpose spray, the service you’re paying for will usually come to a complete halt unless there is more at the very back of the cupboard! You’ll then have to run out to the shop, pick up some more and come back ready for them to continue. By paying that bit extra, it wouldn’t be too much to ask that the cleaner can pop up to the shops, get the things they need (ooh, and maybe a few bits for the kid’s dinner too?) and be reimbursed when the job is done? Surely not. (However, this may be an issue if you’re contending with the situation above) If you’re paying more, then you should expect more.

Having more options for payment

We are living in a world where spare cash is becoming less and less used. Chip and PIN, Contactless cards, bank transfers. Having to leave cash out for the cleaner each week can be a bit of a nuisance if you don’t have the change and it’s a bit of a schlep up to the cashpoint (particularly if the weather’s awful!). By paying an extra fiver per hour, for instance, it wouldn’t be too much to ask if the cleaner wasn’t paid in cash, but on account. That way you only have to make one payment up front online (again, without having to take money out) and have the money deducted as and when you have the service. There are also deals and discounts to be had in doing that! If you’re paying more, then you should expect more.

Shameless Plug Alert: Here at House Elf we understand not only how important having a clean home is, but also how far your money should go when paying for a service. We’re able to provide all the solutions highlighted in the above list! So, if you would like a cleaner that understands all your needs, can use their own initiative when required whilst offering you an experienced service, then call Jake on 020 8265 8705 or email and we can chat through your needs with you.

clean hands!

And remember, if you’re paying more, then you should expect more.