Vertu Ti – the phone that can run your errands!

Vertu Ti – the phone that can run your errands!

So, imagine it; you’ve dropped the kids off at school, the car needs to go in for its MOT at 11, Mum and Dad are staying this weekend and the house is a mess, you’re up to your eyeballs with admin work (with the end of the tax year fast approaching!) and before you know it, you’ve got to pick the kids back up again at 3:30. Day’s gone.

We’ve all dreamed of that helpful, imaginary being to do all those things for you giving you the time to take complete control of your life. Well, with the touch of a button on a brand new, exclusive mobile, Vertu Ti can grant your every wish, no matter how dreamy.

For the cost of an exclusive handset and membership, you can have whatever you desire. Exclusive tickets to that sold out concert? Vertu Ti has emailed you your ticket confirmation. Looking for some clothes for yourself or your partner’s birthday? Email through a picture or two and they’ll send through suggestions based on your budget and preferences. Want a private jet to take you and some friends almost anywhere? Suggested flights are offered and primed for booking. (insert angelic music!!)

So, how much is this sensational service? Oh, just a paltry £6,700 for the handset and the first year’s subscription and a renewal charge of £1,850 per annum. That’s right, you lucky things! For the cost of a second-hand family car, all your dreams could come true.

Maybe next Christmas.

If, like many people reading this, your tears are becoming uncontrollable and your house is still a mess, then there is a much more cost-effective way to get all those errands done whilst still using your mobile and feeling fabulous. Simply call your London-based House Elf on 020 8720 7392, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and just tell us what you need. Cleaner, party planner, errand organiser, whatever. We’ll sort it all out for you. No subscriptions, no monthly fees. Just a simple cost starting from as little as 15 quid an hour. Allowing you to rest easy!

Get yourself a House Elf (and buy us something gorgeous with the savings you’ll make!)

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