How to make your end of tenancy clean super simple!!!

How to make your end of tenancy clean super simple!!!

So, you have your move-out dates sorted, you have redirected your post to your new property, bills are paid up, now all you have to do is tackle the dreaded…..end of tenancy clean! All of a sudden your friends and family are ‘so busy on that day’ and ITV2’s showing back-to-back episodes of Judge Judy. You’ll start it later. Or tomorrow. Well, sometime anyway…

We have once again put together some simple steps to make the whole process much less daunting:

08/21 - Cleaning the House

Step 1 – Clear out for the clean out!

The more furniture you have in each room will make a massive difference to your cleaning for a few reasons; Not only will there actually be more things to clean, psychologically it may make the room look cluttered and, therefore, longer to clean. Get the furniture out first! The emptier the space, the easier it will be. If you cannot move all the furniture, get out as much as you can. Or maybe move furniture from one room to another if it’s not too large or heavy. Once the room is empty, make a start.

Step 2 – Walls have feelings too!

If you have rented your property and put holes in the walls for paintings, pictures, etc, then they will have to be filled and painted over. Without question. Landlords need your property to look the same way as when you moved in. If you move furniture and you see the walls are a slightly different colour behind, give it a wash down. The landlord will probably notice and that may risk you getting your deposit back. Wash the walls as best you can, but don’t scrub too hard as that may ruin the paintwork. Don’t forget the doorframes, top of the wardrobe, blinds, windowsills, skirting boards, top of the radiators, light fixtures, EVERYTHING! If the curtains need cleaning because they smell of cigarette smoke, for instance, get it cleaned.

Step 3 – Give your oven some lovin’!

This is can be a particularly nasty job depending on how long it has been since your last clean. Ideally, you should clean your oven regularly to make the last time much easier. Make sure you have plenty of newspaper down around the oven and use a strong oven cleaner/oven shelf cleaner for this. Get right into the corners and hard to clean spots, then hey presto!

Step 4 – Don’t forget the carpets!

Once you’ve got everything out of the rooms, the walls have been washed, the furniture has been cleaned…it is time to clean them carpets. Your tenancy will be very apparent when the copious amounts of red wine or chocolate stains are on the carpets. You can always hire a ‘Rug Doctor’, for example, and clean your carpets yourself.

Step 5: Get your Testino out!

Take photographic evidence! Take as many photos as you possibly can of your beautifully clean flat. That way, if the landlord starts questioning you about the stain in the corner of the living room (which was not there when the carpet cleaning was done), you have a strong argument that it was not there when you left and, therefore, not your fault. Keep yourself as prepared as possible. After it’s all done, time to just chill out…

99/365: Relax

Shameless Plug Alert

We all know that end of tenancy cleans are an absolute pain. They take a lot of time and a whole lot of effort! However, with your local, friendly and trustworthy House Elf you don’t need to worry about all the above points. With House Elf all you need to do is let us know a few things about your property and we can provide you with a very competitive price. For that price, our team will clean the walls, floors, hard to reach areas, kitchen drawers, cupboards, ovens, even the carpets (if you need us to). Nothing will be left untouched in your flat. And if it is, our team will come back and finish it off…for free!! Giving you more time to spend with your friends and catch up on that Judge Judy marathon!

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