Looking for more help with household chores?

Looking for more help with household chores?

Let’s face it, our day-to-day lives are constantly busy with the kids, housework, cleaning, gardening, walking the dog on Wandsworth Common and trying to cram in your 5-a-day! It never seems to end. Research shows that the average Brit has 5.1 hours of free time a day, but only 20 minutes of this is spent relaxing. So, how do we make more time for ourselves and get things done without losing more of our (already pretty pathetic!) relaxation time?

It may sound like a bit of a bore, but making lists really can make a world of difference when you’re a busy worker and/or parent. I’m not suggesting these lists look like ‘War and Peace’ (though I’m sure that’s what they feel like at times!), but lists help in many different ways. They can:

1. Help prioritise your time
2. Keep you on track with all the things you need to do
3. Be easily shared with a partner or friend
4. Clear your mind of everything that needs to be done
5. Be helpful when new jobs pop up
6. Save you money
7. Give you back some well deserved free time

The important thing to remember is that a list is not a racetrack. There is nobody else in competition with you when it comes to your own chores. So, don’t rush them. Plan them out and set realistic goals to when they can be completed. For instance, if you know your husband’s birthday is next month, write it down! This gives you a chance to have a good think about what to get him, when to get a card and when to wrap it. I know it sounds so obvious, but if you put these jobs off, they will come around the corner quicker than Usain Bolt! Then you’re in trouble.

Make your lists work for you!
I know what some of you are thinking. “Pen and paper? Seriously? I’m not the kind of person to write stuff down and a list on my fridge just won’t go with my Poggenpohl kitchen.” I totally agree. I’m with you. So, don’t use pen and paper. Write it out on your phone, that way it’ll always be with you and is great for the environment too! It is bound to have an app where you can make notes/lists and what’s even better is that, if you want to share it with your partner, friend or housemate, you can simply text or email it over. You might even get lucky and find they’ve done a load of jobs for you. Bonus!

Remember that your lists don’t have to be for the very near future, they can span as long as you need. Make lists for 1 week, 1 month, 6 months even a year if need be! Take the time to have a proper think about what jobs you have coming up and, remember, don’t rush it. Once you’ve mastered the lists, the free time will come flooding back.

If you still need help with this or any other job in or around the home, just give your House Elf a call on 020 8265 8705 or email info@houseelf.co.uk. After all, a problem shared……..

Jake – Your local House Elf