IKEA. Our 3 top tips for a trouble-free trip!!!

IKEA. Our 3 top tips for a trouble-free trip!!!

2 minutes and 37 seconds. That’s how long it took for me to get through to the right department at IKEA, speak to someone helpful and resolve my issue. Outstanding! The thought of schlepping down to IKEA always, without fail, fills people with absolute dread and their friend’s with words of encouragement and sympathy. Thoughts of crazed shoppers, where to park and a billion little wooden pencils stands between you and kitting out your new room upstairs. But, why? How has IKEA’s reputation become so tainted with consistently bad shopping experiences?

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Well, help is at hand (fanfare, please!). Here are our top 3 tips to make the whole experience much more pleasurable and a lot less daunting:

Plan your time and day

A common misconception is that if you arrive as soon as the doors open, you stand a better chance of getting what you want without queues of crazy customers behind you. It’s not true, I’m afraid, guys. Everyone seems to think that, so more people tend to form as soon as the doors open. The best time of day is between 12-1pm. It won’t necessarily be empty, but everyone who arrived first thing will either have gone or will be tucking into their meatballs at this point giving you a much calmer shopping experience. When it comes to parking, unless you’re with children or someone disabled, just park wherever. It will save time, petrol and a whole lot of messing around. The trolleys will do the majority of the work with your purchases heading back to the car and the small walk will only add a minute or two, but it will do you good.

Know what you are buying

IKEA is not really designed for browsers. If it was, there wouldn’t be as much of a problem. IKEA’s website or catalogue will give you all the information you need on each of their products, so stick the kettle on, put your feet up and have a leisurely browse at home. Note down what you want and how many. This is where a list will save you so much; time, effort and money! Be specific with your purchases and when you have written down all that you want or need, you’re ready!

Call ahead and check

Whilst IKEA aren’t able to reserve things for you, they ARE able to let you know what they have in stock. Give your local branch a call and ask them to check stock availability. Like I said, they aren’t able to put them aside for you, but it will give you a much better idea of your chances of bagging your purchase. As long as you know exactly what you want and their product numbers, they can give you exact locations saving you getting lost trying to circumnavigate the IKEA maze! (EXTRA TIP: When calling IKEA, don’t waste money on the 0845 numbers. Go to www.saynoto0870.com and search IKEA. This will bring up a list of local and/or free numbers to use saving you a little bit more!)

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So, there you have it. If you plan ahead as much as possible, that dreaded trip to IKEA will seem like a breeze now. And remember, fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

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Jake – Your local House Elf!

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