The ‘C’ word!

The ‘C’ word!


The time of year when all that matters is the family and friends that are around you spreading Christmas cheer. Mince pies in the oven, cosy log fires, carolers singing in the distance. If only!! Forget about the endless lists, organizing what to eat when everyone comes over on Boxing Day or panicking that Sainsbury’s has run out of goose fat! We all try our very best every year to make this one less stressful than the last, but know it’s going to be more disaster than Disney. Once again, House Elf has put together a short list to make this Christmas (and future ones) one to remember!

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Step 1 – Get started early

It sounds so obvious, but so many people leave everything to the last minute. Buying food, gifts, cards. Start making lists now. Whenever you think of something, jot it down and keep doing it either on a pad or on your phone. When one job is finished, cross it off so you know you are making progress and you can see the list of things decrease.

Step 2 – Buy your gifts now!

Leaving things to the last minute is bad enough, but when you have finally found time to sort out the pressies, you are then faced with the dilemma…..what do I get everyone? Shops advertise their stores as havens of peace and tranquility where staff are always there to help and do it with a huge smile. No! Christmas shopping is not fun and, generally, staff don’t want to be there anymore than you do. If you don’t have time to pick up things, is there enough time for Royal Mail to deliver? Start thinking of gifts now and just buy them. Then when the time gets closer all you have to worry about is wrapping them with a glass of red. (Cheeky tip: instead of using wrapping paper, buy a nice bag that you can pop the gift in. Still looks nice and saves you wrapping!)

Step 3 – What are your plans for the big days?

Are you going to his Mum’s or yours? Where are you spending New Years? Who’ll look after the kids if we have a night out with friends? The earlier you think about this, the better. Decide what you’ll be doing on Christmas Day. If people are coming to you, find out how many and organize the food early. Stick it in the freezer and forget about it till the 23rd.

Step 4 – Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree…..

Trees will, inevitably, pop up all over the place wherever you are. Unless you are super organized, get your decorations, etc out a few nights before you go and buy the tree. That way you are not overwhelmed by getting everything out, buying the tree, bringing it home, decorating the tree, etc. One step at a time. As long as you plan well, there needn’t be any rush. Enjoy it!

Step 5 – Plan the cooking well!

Make sure that the kitchen is as clear as it can be. Working in a messy, cluttered kitchen can be overwhelming and very stressful. Especially if people are in and out and under your feet. Clear it all before you start cooking. (Cheeky tip: empty the dishwasher before you start. That way you have somewhere else to put things that you know you won’t need again). Once it’s all done you can delegate who is on cleaning detail! Et voila!

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Shameless Plug Alert:

OK, so I’ve made it seem so simple up there and every now and again the lists will go missing and things will go from bad to worse. But, with your local, friendly House Elf around the corner, we can take all of those above stresses away from you. Every last one. Whether it’s collecting (and wrapping) pressies, posting cards out to people, going food shopping for the Christmas dinner or buying the HUGE tin of Quality Street. Whatever it is, we can do it all. We could even pick the in-laws up from the station or airport AND give the house a good scrub for top to bottom!

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