Planning a scintillating 60th or a cracking Christmas party? Our top tips!

Planning a scintillating 60th or a cracking Christmas party? Our top tips!

Mr. House Elf asks me to organise his 40th. “Yeah, course”, I say, “No probs”. However, whilst I was excited about a new project and making it extra special for him, I knew deep down that in him asking “Can you organise it all?” what he was really saying was “Can you do the bits I can’t be bothered to do and I’ll do the fun bits…..if I feel like it….or if I have time”. So, my party planning hat was well and truly on and I got cracking with questions, emails, suggestions, etc. Found a beautiful place in Stoke for the weekend and had the best time ever!

Once again, your trusty, local House Elf has made it super easy for you to create the perfect party. All you’ll be left to do is master your party trick!

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Step 1 – …..a very good place to start.

Go mental with the questions! The more you know, the easier you will make it on yourself. The 2 key things to decide on at the beginning are numbers and venue. (Without them, your party is going to be ever so slightly problematic and a bit of a disappointment!) If the majority of your guests are on Facebook, create a group and invite them that way. Choose times and, more importantly, a date and give people plenty of notice. The easiest and quickest way to work out numbers. Then Google bars/restaurants in the area where you want your party to be.

Step 2 – Get your Llewelyn Bowen out!

Once you’ve got your venue sorted and your numbers are coming in, work out how you want to design the place. What is the person like? Do they prefer things simple and chic or messy and mad? Once decided, you can start thinking about decorating. Be creative. For example, smoke machines are an inexpensive way to create a dramatic scene for a venue (as long as they’re cool with it). How about lasers? Or for the more minimal designer, small fairy/cluster lights or tea lights are another cost-effective way to make an impression.

Step 3 – Information, Information, Information!

Keep people as informed as possible. If things change (times, dress code) let people know. If the venue is particularly difficult to find, ensure you give address details, as many numbers as possible and clear instructions on how to get there (signs on the road might be an idea). If you have a map of the area, that would be ideal.

Step 4 – Wanna be Spielberg or Cameron?

By now, you have spent a while organising this event and the last thing you would want is for the night to be forgotten, so remember to pack your camera! Take plenty of snaps and record videos. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could edit all the photos and videos together into a personal video on your PC or Mac and give that as a gift. Alternatively, upload it to Facebook and all the people you invited can share in it too. Or, if you have an abundance of photos and videos of the guest of honour, you could make the video beforehand and play it at the venue as a nice little surprise.

Party Favors

Shameless Plug Alert

Whilst these steps will help you out in getting your party up and running, you may still need some help with some of the intricacies. From as little as £10 per hour, your local House Elf will be able to do ALL the planning for you, which just leaves you with the simpler task of choosing from our suggestions based on what you want. We search for everything from the venue and transport all the way to the napkins and paper hats. If you are having this at your home, we can even clean your home before and after AND serve the drinks, nibbles, etc on the night. Allowing you to relax and enjoy the party with your friends and family. We can also help out with sourcing a present for you and also create the personal video with your photos and videos!

For more info, give us a call on 020 8265 8705, 7 days a week or email

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