Our elves give your pet-friends a pampering. We love animals so there’s nothing we like more than seeing a wagging tail or hearing a gentle purr.

If you’re going away for a just a night or your summer holiday, it can be a worry what to do with the pets in your family. We can visit them in your own home to give them lots of love and attention. We’ll feed them and collect them for walkies, or look after trips to the vet or groomers. Our elves have lots of experience with all sorts of animals including tropical fish, parrots and even chameleons!

Here’s our top pet chores:

✓ Dog walking
✓ Playing with cats
✓ Bird companionship
✓ Grooming and vet trips
✓ Pet food or medicine collection
✓ Fish and reptile feeding
✓ Cleaning up after them.

We’re here to help. Tell us what you need and we’ll get right back to you.

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